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The Importance of Domestic EV Charger Installations for Electric Vehicle Owners

Updated: Apr 8

Electric cars (EVs) are becoming more and more popular as the world moves towards a better future. Because of this change, it's more important than ever to have charging options that are easy to use and work well. Installing an EV charger at home is quickly becoming an important part of having an electric car, especially in places like Melbourne, where the number of EVs on the road is growing quickly. We will talk about why having an EV charger at home is important and what benefits it has for people who own electric cars.


Efficacy and Availability:

One of the best things about having an EV charger installation is how convenient it is. An EV charger at home lets you charge your car while you sleep or whenever you have some free time, unlike standard gas stations where you have to drive to a certain spot. This way, your car is always ready to go when you need it. This ease of access gets rid of range worry and makes having an electric car more useful and attractive.


Greater Efficiency in Recharging:

EV chargers that you can use at home, like the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector, are made to charge your car much faster than regular charging points. These advanced chargers can significantly reduce charging durations, hence facilitating the maintenance of a fully charged vehicle for extended journeys. For example, a Tesla Wall Connector can add up to 44 miles to your range every hour of charging, which makes it a useful way to charge overnight.


Affordable Solution:

In the long run, it may also save you money to install an EV charger at home. Even though you have to pay to have it installed at first, charging your car at home is usually cheaper than using a public charging point. With more and more green energy sources like solar power becoming available, you can also lower the cost of charging and leave less of a carbon impact.

An electric vehicle charging station being installed

Value Increase for Real Estate:

Your home may also be more valuable after you add a household EV charger. As the number of people buying electric cars continues to rise, more and more people are looking for homes that can charge electric cars. This extra element has its value when it comes time to sell.


Protection and Well-being:

Another important thing to think about when installing an EV charger at home is safety. Installers who are professionals like us make sure that your charger is set up properly and meets all safety standards. This lowers the chance of electrical dangers and makes sure that the charging process is safe. Also, if you charge your car at home, you will have to use public charging stations less often, which are sometimes placed in less safe areas.


Encouraging Sustainability:

If you choose to add an EV charger to your home, you are also helping to lower the release of carbon dioxide. When electric cars are used, they don't release any pollution. And when they are paired with a home charging station that uses clean energy, the damage is even smaller. This dedication to sustainability is good for the world and fits with the growing trend of living in a way that is good for the environment.


Picking the Appropriate Charger:

If you want to put an EV charger in your home, you should get the right one for your car and your needs. Tesla owners often choose the Tesla Wall Connector or the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector because they work well with other devices and are suitable. Different EV types, on the other hand, need different chargers, so it's important to do your study and talk to experts to find the best one.


The Steps to Installing:

Installing an EV charger requires a few steps, such as evaluating the site, making any necessary electricity changes, and then actually installing the charger. To make sure the installation is done safely and in line with local rules, it's important to work with a trained provider like us. The cost of installation can change based on how complicated the setup is and if any extra electricity work needs to be done.



Installing an EV charger in your home is very important for people who own electric cars. An EV charger at home is a good idea for anyone who owns an EV because it makes charging easier and faster, is better for the environment, and raises the value of your house. If you live in Melbourne and are thinking about installing an EV charger, PerkinElec can help. We will make sure that your charging setup fits your needs and is set up safely and quickly.

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