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About Us

Perkin Electrical has over 40 years of experience, in both Commercial and Residential space. We love what we do and have a genuine passion for all things electrical, reflecting our standard of work.

Since 2012, Perkin Electrical was one of the first and has been the ongoing leader in electric vehicle charger installations, in Victoria & now Australia-wide. We are the preferred & authorised installation partner for Telsa and have formed a strong relationship to this very day.

In recent years, most vehicle manufactures now have an electric vehicle that they produce and sell, so Perkin Electrical also provide charging solutions to all those vehicle manufactures.

Jack Perkin, the director, has a 100% focus on delivering the best quality installations, hardware & customer service.


Electric Vehicles are clean, high tech and hold a large sense of pride from their owners, this requires a unique type of professionalism from electricians to perform these jobs and build ongoing relationships. At Perkin Electrical, we are exactly that.

Perkin Electrical is your preferred, electric vehicle charger installer for all residential and commercial projects Australia-wide.

Wall Connector Installation Cost and Extension Guide

Perkin Electrical is here to provide expert guidance on installation costs and Tesla wall connector extensions. We guarantee your Tesla stays charged and prepared for your next experience.

The Power of Tesla Wall Connectors
Tesla Wall Connectors are the encapsulation of accommodation and proficiency. Our Wall chargers will offer comfortable charging at your home. We understand that your budget is also a paramount concern. We offer our customers very competitive installation packages that will keep you within your budget and affordable. Our professional team will ensure a stress-free installation process, leaving you worry-free. 

Extending the Reach
Some of the time, the default cable length of your Tesla Wall Connector could be expanded. That is where our Tesla wall connector expansion arrangements become the most critical factor. Whether you want a couple of additional feet or a significant expansion, Perkin Electrical takes care of you. Our excellent expansions guarantee you can charge your Tesla from any side of your carport.

Perkin Electrical is your trusted partner in enhancing your Tesla charging experience. Our cost-effective wall connector installation services and top-notch extensions make charging your Tesla a breeze. Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to endless electric adventures with Perkin Electrical.

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