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Melbourne's Top EV Charger Installation Companies: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: Jun 19, 2023


As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise in Melbourne, the need for reliable and professional EV charger installation services becomes increasingly important. Whether you're a residential EV owner, a business looking to install workplace charging stations, or a public facility seeking to provide charging options, choosing the right EV charger installation company is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore some of Melbourne's top EV charger installation companies, highlighting their expertise, services, and commitment to supporting the growing EV infrastructure in the city.

1. Perkin Elec:

Perkin Elec is a trusted name in the EV charger installation sector, known for its exceptional service and expertise. As an authorised installer for multiple leading EV charger brands, they provide tailored solutions for residential, commercial, and public charging needs. Perkin Elec offers comprehensive services, including consultation, site assessment, installation, and ongoing support. With their team of qualified electricians, they ensure that every installation is carried out to the highest standards, adhering to safety regulations and customer requirements.

2. Bosch Australia:

Bosch Australia is a renowned global leader in technology and services, and they offer top-notch EV charger installation solutions in Melbourne. Their installations are known for their reliability, efficiency, and compatibility with various EV models. Bosch Australia provides end-to-end services, including consultation, installation, and ongoing maintenance. With their extensive experience and commitment to innovation, they deliver cutting-edge charging solutions for residential, commercial, and public applications.

3. Jet Charge:

Jet Charge is a highly reputable EV charger installation company focusing on tailored charging solutions for residential and commercial customers. They offer a range of products and services, including consultation, installation, and ongoing support. Jet Charge takes pride in its team of certified technicians, ensuring a seamless installation process and excellent customer service. Their expertise and dedication have established them as a trusted partner in Melbourne's EV charging landscape.

4. EVolution Australia:

EVolution Australia is dedicated to accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation by providing high-quality EV charger installations. They offer customised solutions for residential, commercial, and public charging needs. EVolution Australia focuses on reliability, efficiency, and aesthetics to ensure that its installations meet technical requirements and integrate seamlessly into the surrounding environment. With their commitment to customer satisfaction and expertise in the EV charging industry, EVolution Australia is a reliable choice for EV charger installations.

5. Schneider Electric:

Schneider Electric, a global energy management and automation leader, offers comprehensive EV charger installation services in Melbourne. Leveraging their expertise in electrical infrastructure, Schneider Electric provides tailored solutions for residential, workplace, and public charging. Their installations are designed for efficiency, reliability, and seamless integration with existing electrical systems. With Schneider Electric's experience and commitment to sustainability, they contribute to the growth of Melbourne's EV charging infrastructure.

6. Chargefox:

Chargefox is an Australian company with a mission to build an extensive and reliable ultra-rapid EV charging network across the country, including Melbourne. They focus on providing fast and convenient charging options for EV owners and fleet operators. Chargefox installations feature cutting-edge technology and are compatible with a wide range of EV models, making them a popular choice for those seeking rapid charging solutions. With their commitment to expanding the charging network, Chargefox plays a significant role in supporting Melbourne's EV ecosystem.

7. GreenWay Electrical:

GreenWay Electrical specialises in eco-friendly electrical solutions, including EV charger installations. They offer various services for residential and commercial customers, ensuring efficient and reliable charging infrastructure. GreenWay Electrical's experienced electricians ensure compliance with industry standards and provide personalised solutions to meet specific charging needs. With its focus on sustainability and dedication to customer satisfaction, GreenWay Electrical is a reputable option for EV charger installations.


As Melbourne embraces the transition to electric mobility, the presence of reliable and professional EV charger installation companies becomes essential. Companies like ChargePoint Australia, JET Charge, EVolution Australia, EVSE Australia, Chargefox, Schneider Electric, and GreenWay Electrical have established themselves as top players in the industry, offering expertise, comprehensive services, and a commitment to supporting Melbourne's EV charging infrastructure. Whether you're a residential EV owner, a business, or a public facility, choosing one of these reputable companies ensures a seamless and reliable EV charger installation that caters to your specific needs. By partnering with these experts.

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