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Embracing the Green Movement: Kia EV Charger Installation in Melbourne

With increasing global warming and climate change concerns, the world is transitioning towards more sustainable and greener transportation, hence the popularity of electric vehicles. Kia has emerged and stamped its authority as a leading manufacturer of EVs that offer a potent combination of style, sustainability, and performance. With the Kia Soul and Kia Niro EVs gaining popularity in Melbourne, the need for residential and commercial Kia EV charger installation in Melbourne has gained more prominence than ever. This blog will explore the various aspects of Kia EV charger installation, including its benefits and how they help embrace the green revolution.

Why do I need a Kia EV Charger at Home or Office When I Can Use a Regular Socket?

A Kia EV charger scores over a regular socket in various ways. It allows you to charge your Kia 5-8 times faster and is much more reliable and safe. Also, if the Kia charger is installed at your workplace, you can share the costs with other colleagues owning Kia electric cars, making charging your vehicle even more economical.

To discuss in detail, professional Kia EV chargers in Melbourne offer the following benefits.

1. Convenience and Peace of Mind

Installing a Kia EV charger at home or office eliminates the need to visit public charging stations frequently. You can leave your Kia plugged into the charger overnight or during office hours, and you will find your car charged when you return. Moreover, with Kia's passion for excellence, you can rest assured that your home charger is always operational.

2. Efficiency

Kia EV chargers charge faster than level 2 chargers. Starting from 3.7kW and going up to 11kW, Kia home chargers provide 20km-130km of charging per hour. The wall-mounted Kia Charge Ecoline and Kia Charge Proline for Business offer charging capacities of up to 7.4kW and 22kW, respectively. The high-efficiency chargers ensure you minimize the charging time and maximize your driving duration.

3. Tariff Flexibility

Kia's EV charging solutions allow you to choose your electricity service provider that offers minimum tariffs and switch providers when a cheaper tariff is available.

 EV Charger Melbourne - Perkin Electrical Pty Ltd

4. Subsidies

With a growing need to shift to greener transportation, most countries, states, and local authorities offer grants, subsidies, or tax credits for buying EVs and electric vehicle charger installation , making the EV charger installation even more value for money.

5. Seamless Integration and Absolute Control

Kia EV chargers integrate seamlessly with Kia's EV ecosystem, allowing access to various functions and features to enhance your ownership experience. The Kia Connect app allows you to monitor charging sessions, check battery status, schedule charging during off-peak hours, limit charging for standard and fast charging modes, adjust the internal temperature, etc., sitting remotely. The chargers are equipped with Wi-Fi, ensuring they stay updated with the latest features for optimal performance.

6. Long-term Investment

The Kia EV charging solutions are designed for the long-term, making them compatible with existing and future Kia EV models. They may also increase your property's value, as, with an increase in the demand for EVs, the demand for homes with EV chargers is also bound to grow with time.

I Live in a Multi-Unit Accommodation. Can I Still Install a Kia EV Charger?

It is possible, provided you obtain the necessary approvals from the homeowners association for laying cables and making the required adjustments within the central fuse box.


Installing Kia EV chargers in Melbourne is a giant leap toward embracing the green movement and contributing to a sustainable future. Perkin Electrical, the leading EV charger installers in Australia, has been at the forefront of making a positive environmental impact, offering a range of high-quality and reliable EV charging solutions for some of the most prominent car brands, including Kia, Tesla, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Volvo, Lexus, and more, since 2012.

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