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Tesla Charger Installation in Melbourne: Powering Your Electric Adventure

The advent of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and their growing popularity has necessitated the establishment of easily accessible and reliable charging infrastructure. Tesla, one of the pioneers and leading manufacturers of EVs offered Australian customers who bought Tesla cars before January 15, 2017, lifetime free supercharging. The company even offered 400kWh of free annual charge credits to customers who bought Tesla electric cars before November 2018. Today, EV owners in Australia can use a Tesla home charger, one or more of the 500 free destination chargers, and about 40 superchargers along the Melbourne-Brisbane highway to conveniently and reliably charge their EVs. This blog will help us understand the benefits of Tesla charger installation in Melbourne and how it helps power your electric adventure.

Benefits of Tesla Charger Installation in Melbourne

Installing Tesla electric car chargers in Melbourne offers the following benefits.

1. Convenience and Accessibility

A significant benefit of installing a Tesla car charger in your home or at your workplace in Melbourne is convenience. Instead of frequently visiting or waiting in queues at public or destination charging stations, you can plug in your Tesla during work hours or overnight and return to your Tesla ready to hit and rule the road.

2. Fast Charging and Extended Driving Time

Another significant advantage Tesla car chargers offer is faster charging and extended driving time. A Tesla wall charger installation in Melbourne ensures you enjoy faster charging speeds of up to 44 km per hour, allowing you to minimize the charging time and maximize the driving range and time.

3. Seamless Integration with Tesla's Ecosystem

Tesla EV chargers are not only reliable, but they are also integral to Tesla's ecosystem. Installing a Tesla EV charger gives you unrestricted access to the various features and benefits Tesla offers. The Tesla app gives you absolute control over the charging process, allowing you to set and monitor charging schedules and receive notifications once complete. Moreover, Tesla EV chargers are Wi-Fi compatible, ensuring they stay updated with the latest features and you stay connected with your Tesla.

Tesla EV Charger - Perkin Electrical Pty Ltd

4. Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Electric vehicles' most significant benefit is helping reduce the carbon footprint, thereby contributing towards a greener planet. Installing a Tesla EV charger in Melbourne that uses renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels allows you to contribute toward sustainability and make the world a better, cleaner, and safer place to live in.

5. Future-Proofing the Charging Infrastructure

With new technological advancements and standards constantly emerging in the EV charging infrastructure, your Tesla EV chargers must be dynamic enough to accommodate future developments. By engaging the services of the best EV charging installation companies in Melbourne, you can ensure your Tesla charger is compatible with existing and future Tesla models and the installation remains relevant for years.

How Do Tesla EV Charger Installation Companies in Melbourne Work?

Tesla EV charger installation companies first assess your home or office's electrical setup to ensure it can support your Tesla's charging needs. They offer expert suggestions on the charger's placement, taking electrical capacity, safety, and accessibility into account. Once done, their certified and skilled electricians execute the installation with precision. Tesla charger installation companies follow industry best practices and adhere to relevant regulations to ensure your property remains safe and your charging infrastructure is durable and long-lasting.


Investing in a Tesla charger installation in Melbourne is a considerable but economical, convenient, and reliable investment and offers several benefits. Choosing a trusted and authorized Melbourne Tesla charger installation partner like Perkin Electrical, with over 11 years of experience installing high-quality and customized residential and commercial Tesla car chargers in Melbourne, ensures unparalleled convenience and powers your electric adventure like never before.

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