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Step-by-Step: Installing Tesla's Gen 3 Wall Connector at Home

Updated: 4 days ago

Installing a Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector at home speeds up charging, improving efficiency and convenience. One can do this from their garage or driveway. With this achievement, electric vehicle owners reached a milestone. This detailed guide covers the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector in Australia, including its features, installation, and costs.

Tesla's latest home charging option is the Gen 3 Wall Connector. It can supply 44 miles of range per hour, simplifying charging. Because of this, it keeps your vehicle running and is the ideal option for long-term charging.

Things to Mind Before Installation:

Before installing, you must understand the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector and its charging capabilities. It can charge any Type 2 electric vehicle in Australia, but the electrical connector is meant for Teslas only. It can match your home's electrical capacity and your vehicle's needs with its adjustable power settings.

Installing the wall connector starts with choosing the ideal location for optimal performance. Positioning the charging device affects its usefulness and efficiency. Ideally, you should locate the wall connector near your vehicle's parking area and inside your premises. This improves safety and accessibility.

Home Electrical System:

Next, determine if the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector works with your home's electrical system. This method includes checking your home's electrical supply amperage and voltage and making sure the circuit breakers are large enough. For safety and compliance with local electrical codes, a professionally certified electrician should do this evaluation.

Installation Process for Connection:

Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector

Commence the installation procedure as soon as you have verified that your electrical system is compatible. Wall mounting, electrical system connection, and unit configuration are the steps required to install the wall connector in a residential context. For optimal safety and proper execution, the installation process must invariably be entrusted to a qualified and certified Tesla wall connector installer.

Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector installed:

Multiple variables, including the installation's level of complexity, the necessity for supplementary electrical enhancements, and local labor rates, can have a substantial impact on the installation cost. Expect to spend between several hundred and more than one thousand Australian dollars to have a Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector installed. The expenses within this bracket consist of the price of the wall connector, installation by a professional, and any electrical enhancements that may be required.

Cost Effective:

Consistent cost-effectiveness and daily charging convenience are maintained by the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector through its minimal ongoing maintenance requirements. However, routine inspections are advised to ensure the unit's continued correct operation and safety. A qualified technician should perform these inspections.


A wise investment for electric vehicle owners is the installation of a Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector in their residence. It is a practical addition to your household because it not only improves the charging efficiency but also enhances the convenience of electric vehicle ownership. Perkinelec is a reputable company that offers professional installation services and accurate guidance to those contemplating installation in Australia. You can ensure a seamless and effective charging experience with your Tesla Wall Connector by utilizing their assistance.

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