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Attracting Eco-Conscious Customers: The Benefits of Commercial Tesla Charger Installation

Updated: Apr 8

In today's world, where environmental consciousness is soaring, businesses are always seeking ways to attract the eco-friendly market. Installing Tesla chargers can be a highly effective strategy. This decision not only showcases a dedication to sustainability but also appeals to the expanding group of electric vehicle (EV) drivers. As electric vehicle adoption continues to surge in Melbourne, there is a growing need for Tesla charger installation services.


The Ascent of Electric Vehicles:


The progress from customary fuel-controlled vehicles to electric vehicles is a worldwide pattern driven by the earnest need to diminish fossil fuel byproducts and combat environmental change. In Melbourne, this shift is apparent in the rising number of EVs on the road. As additional individuals pick electric vehicles for their natural advantages and cost reserve funds on fuel, the requirement for available charging foundations is more clear.


Advantages of Installing a Commercial Tesla Charger:


1. Appealing to environmentally conscious customers: By providing Tesla charging facilities, businesses have the opportunity to appeal to a specific group of environmentally-conscious consumers who are more inclined to support establishments that share their values.


2. Enhanced Customer Experience: It's critical to focus on the client experience as a business owner. By offering charging facilities, you can provide convenience and peace of mind to EV owners who can recharge their vehicles while they shop, dine, or stay at your establishment.


3. Gain an edge over your competitors: Having Tesla chargers can give your business a competitive edge in a market where standing out is crucial. This can make your establishment a top choice for EV owners.


4. Embracing Sustainable Practices: Installing Tesla chargers is a practical method for businesses to support environmental sustainability by decreasing the carbon emissions linked to transportation.


5. Future-Proofing Your Business: Positioning your business as forward-thinking and adaptable to future trends is crucial. With the developing reception of electric vehicles, putting resources into the charging framework is a brilliant move to future-verification your business.

Image showcasing Perkin Electrical's eco-friendly services

Getting Familiar with Tesla Charger Installation in Melbourne:


Understanding the various options available for Tesla charger installation Melbourne is crucial for making an informed decision.


1. Introducing the Tesla Wall Charger: Perfect for indoor or sheltered outdoor installations, the Tesla Wall Charger provides a speedy and convenient charging solution for Tesla vehicles.


2. Tesla Destination Charger: The Tesla Destination Charger is a perfect fit. It caters to establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and shopping centres, offering a slower charge that is ideal for customers who will be parked for a longer duration.


3. Universal EV Chargers: With compatibility for a wide range of electric vehicles, businesses can cater to all EV owners by offering flexible charging options that are not exclusive to Tesla vehicles.


The Installation Process:


Installing a Tesla charger necessitates the expertise of a professional to guarantee safety and adherence to regulations. This process usually involves:


Site Assessment: Assessing the location to determine the most appropriate type of charger and installation requirements.


Electrical Infrastructure: Assessing the existing electrical infrastructure to ensure it can support the additional load of the EV charger installation.


Permits and Approvals: Securing the required permits and approvals from local authorities and utility providers.


Installation: Our team of expert electricians will professionally install the charger, guaranteeing it meets all safety standards and operates at peak efficiency.


Testing and Commissioning: Ensuring the charger is installed and functioning correctly.


Selecting the Ideal Installation Partner: 

Choosing the correct partner for Tesla wall charger installation in Melbourne is of utmost importance. Perkinelec is the go-to choice for businesses in Melbourne seeking reliable EV charging solutions. As an experienced professional in electrical installations, Perkinelec is dedicated to promoting sustainability. We provide expert advice, top-notch installations, and continuous support to help you achieve your business objectives and environmental targets for your Tesla charging stations.




Installing commercial Tesla chargers can be a smart investment for businesses in Melbourne. It can help attract environmentally conscious customers and give them an edge in a competitive market. By offering convenient charging solutions, businesses can improve the customer experience, promote sustainability, and establish themselves as pioneers in the green economy. Partnering with a trusted company such as Perkinelec guarantees a smooth installation process and a dependable charging infrastructure that will benefit your business and customers in the long run.



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